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List of resources and books. offers video training and forums with excellent heads up pros who can help you increase your skills. The only poker training site dedicated to heads up sit and go players, they have some of the best players in the world making videos and answering questions on their forums. If you are serious about heads up sit and go tournaments, is the place to be, and it’s a bargain at $25 a month.

Twoplustwo HUSNG forum – This is the best place to discuss ideas about husng’s. There are some excellent posters in this forum, and even a few videos. Just be careful how much weight you give to advice found on public forums, some posters are much better at sounding like experts than they are at playing poker or understanding correct strategy.

Colin Moshman’s book Heads-Up No-Limit Holdem covers heads up play very well. The book isn’t directed at sit and go play in particular, but does discuss tournament play in some sections and is an excellent resource for understanding the deep stacked early portions of a heads up tournament. For heads up cash players this book is as good as it gets.

PokerTracker and Holdem Manager both do a great job. We recommend trying out both programs to see which runs more smoothly on your computer.

The NBC Heads Up Poker National Championship fan site is a great place to learn about the only high profile heads up event on TV. Great information about the history of the tournament, with results, brackets, and some videos as well.

The best sites we have found for Heads Up Sit and Go players

Players in the United States really only have one good option, the Merge network. FeltStars, our favorite Merge network skin offers 35% rakeback and a generous VIP program if you join through this link. You can use the bonus code FOX150 on your first deposit to get a 150% bonus up to $750 too! Even non-US players will find the heads up play much softer on the Merge network than on most other sites because the players from the United states have nowhere else to go, while the serious grinders from other countries are all playing on larger sites.

Exercise caution playing heads up tournaments above the $20 level on the largest sites as you will often find the tables full of very solid players waiting for whoever sits down. These players know each other and will not play against each other because they know there is no money to be made playing each other, so they sit at separate tables waiting for fish. Even if you play very well there is no reason to play with other strong players, so playing on a smaller site is usually more profitable than playing on a large site like PokerStars or Party Poker.

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