Why Play HUSNGs?

The reason we started playing heads up sit and gos was because of a fear of collusion and cheating online. In a ten or six-handed sit and go it’s easy for multiple players to be working together, sharing their hole cards and playing only the best hand against the field. This gives the cheaters a nice advantage, and can really hurt your win rate. In a heads up sit and go there is no reason to worry about this. You have only one opponent, man to man, face to face, so collusion is impossible. If you are the better player then you are more likely to win, and there’s something gratifying about that.

We also like the high win rates that are possible and how quickly your bankroll can grow playing heads up sngs. With a bankroll of 20 buy-ins, and a win rate of 60%, your bankroll doubles every one hundred tournaments. This means that you move up a level every hundred tournaments as long as you are strong enough to win 60% of your matches, and a strong player can move up very quickly. Starting with a $200 bankroll and doubling it every hundred tournaments, you will have enough money in your bankroll to play heads up sit and gos for a living at the $150 buy-in level after just 400 tournaments. A good player at this level makes well over $50 per hour!

Of course you’ll have to study and learn to play heads up very well to pull this off, but the game isn’t that complicated or tough to learn, and most of the information you need is here on the site. Learn your push/fold and 3shove charts, and don’t play a big pot without a big hand in the early stages and you are well on your way. Read everything on the site carefully, and use the resources from the resources page and you have everything you need to become a strong heads up player.

We also love the fact that there are always heads up games available and it only takes one other interested person to start playing. Trying to fill up a 45 man sit and go at 4 a.m. is nearly impossible, and some of the smaller sites never see these tournaments run, but heads up tournaments are always available.

The fact that heads up sit and gos are easy to quantify is also very nice. Learning all the nuances of 6max fixed-limit Holdem can take forever, but learning to be a strong heads up player is much easier. Mastering the heads up game can take a lifetime, but getting to the point where you are profitable is much faster in heads up sit and go play than in other games. Because much of the game is played with short stacks, and we have calculated the unexploitable Nash Equilibrium ranges for short stacked play, heads up sit and gos are much easier to learn than heads up cash games.

Many players gravitate to heads up tournament play because they like the simplicity of a beginning, a middle and an end. There is one winner at the end, and there is another match to be had soon enough, maybe even with the same opponent. Heads up sng play is a constant challenge and each new opponent is a new style to adjust to and a new player to learn from.


  1. #1 by amir on November 29, 2013 - 9:45 am

    hi..I have one question..is the article for turbo or regular??I play heads up and have a good ROI in PS…but with my strategy…now I want to try your strategy…please tell me strategy for regular and turbo..Thank you for Article

    • #2 by fox on December 2, 2013 - 7:38 pm

      The advice on this site works for either turbo or standard heads up sit and go tournaments. It doesn’t matter how long the levels are when you are in the middle of a hand, you still have a certain number of big blinds and your hand is however strong it is.

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